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Relational Evangelism training of individuals in how to share their faith is what we do. We have an 8 week online course, It's All About Relationship (IAAR), offered through Hope International University either as an auditing student for $100 or as an undergraduate or graduate student (3 units of credit) for $300. If you would like to offer the onsite course at your church or a small group you either have to have taken the online course as an auditing student at a minimum or you would have to have completed an onsite course that costs $20. For more information about becoming a course coordinator, contact Bruce Logan via email at: or John Hendee at:


You will be reading the following books: The Master Plan of Evangelism by Dr. Robert Coleman, More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell and Effective Disciple-Making for the 21st Century by Dr. James Scott and John Hendee. The focus is on preparing to be effective in sharing the IAAR presentations and helping others as they are also learning how to do so. You will be expected to interact with the professor and other students online. Credit students will have a final paper to write. Audit students will have less to read and will not be given a grade.


Below outlines the registration process for the 8 week online Relational Evangelism Course “It’s All About Relationship” offered through HIU. Classes are given 5 times a year for 2018 as follows: Jan 15 – Mar 11; Mar 19 – May 20; June 18 – Aug 12; Aug 20 – Oct 14; Oct 15 – Dec 16

Type into or copy this into your browser: The next page that should appear will have a dark purple background with the Hope International insignia at the top of the page with a question in a yellow background. As soon as you indicate this is your first SALT class, the page will become a registration page. Fill out your information. When you get to the question: Are you taking this course through your church or as an individual? Click on individual. For location, scroll down to the very bottom and click on other/taking courses as an individual. Next choose the level as Audit.

The audit course number is: EVG5840 Should you want to take the course at the undergraduate level the course number is EVG3840. The graduate course number is the same as the audit number EVG5840.

Start date: choose from one of the dates listed above
Course Title: Relational Evangelism Course
Sign with your finger or mouse then click on Submit Registration.

Next call Krista Scally at 714 879 3901 ext. 2462 to use your credit card to pay $100 to audit the course or $300 to take it for credit. Krista will also give you information on how to access the course.

  • Please click on the Syllabus link to download


To run an on onsite course as a coordinator, you must have taken the Online Course at the audit level or greater or you must have completed an Onsite course. As a coordinator you have the option of the length of the course to run. You can select from a 6 week, 8 week+ I day or 12 week course. The length of the class varies depending on the course selected. Two hours for the 6 week course, 90 minutes for the 8 week course and 75 minutes for the 12 week course. We recommend the 12 week course as we think that the more time in class the better prepared the students are to use this evangelism tool.

The students will go online during the week to get their reading assignments and to watch the professor videos. Students are expected to read The Master Plan of Evangelism (a kindle book from Amazon), More than a Carpenter (given to you at registration), Effective Disciple-Making for the 21st Century (a free download the first week) and to watch the weekly Professor Videos and associated link readings.

There are also weekly discussion questions for the students to answer before the class begins. Online the student can use the download pages to record their thoughts about the readings and videos watched to better participate in the classroom discussions. In addition to the discussions, they will begin presenting the four sessions of the It’s All About Relationship to each other. As the course moves on the students will present to others outside of the classroom to prepare them for use with friends and neighbors and people they meet the rest of their lives.

Registration is held at the beginning of the first class where the coordinator collects the class fee of $20 and gives the students a copy of “More than a Carpenter”, a coupon code as well as instructions on how to register as a student on the web site. The content of this course is similar to that used at the University.

  • Please click on the course brochure link to download

Jim Larson

Jim Dorman The purpose of this course is to introduce and train students in relational evangelism using an updated version of A Peace Treaty with God, which is now called It's All about Relationship. This course will prepare one to effectively engage with those open to learning more about Jesus. Students will learn how to bring up the subject of the Gospel with others they know and then how to share with those interested, what the Gospel is.

Course objectives

  • Understanding and being able to explain the importance and effectiveness of Relational Evangelism in making Disciples of Christ.
  • Being prepared and practicing how to bring up the subject of their faith with others they know and meet in life.
  • Being able to share the four sessions of IAAR with others who are interested in listening; and leading them to a point of decision about Christ in their life.

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